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How Films Emotionally Affect People

Most people say that movies reflect the stories of our lives. Movies present both the visuals and the words to drive the story further so the viewers will get involved in every scene. In relation to this context, we feel so attached to a certain story of a film whenever the tale reminds us of a particular part of our lives. When the viewers relate to a plot, it means that it mirrors something in their personal lives, which they distinguish as a truth because of their own experiences. Most moving films are successful in this particular aspect.

Whether everyone will accept it or not, it is a fact that numerous people enjoy romance films. One of the top-grossing romantic movies, “Ghost,” led a lot movie goers to step out of the movie house smiling and exchanging ideas to each other about their favorite scenes. For movies like the “Brief Encounter,” not most people are entirely riveted due to its melancholic ending and its insufficiency in channeling deeper emotions to the audiences.

Movies like “The Descendants” delve into the lives of an extended family with only a single person having to make critical decisions for everyone. The seriousness of this film catches the attention and curiosity of most moviegoers. Single parents, striving hard to fulfill the needs of their family, can surely relate to these kinds of films in more ways than one. They can surely see themselves in various dramatic scenes in movies with such themes. Also, they want to know how other people face these kinds of difficulties in their lives.

War movies especially those that depict true-to-life accounts are also emotionally engaging. They put the courage of the viewers to test since these films make the viewer ponder whether they will do the same things that the main character has done, or be brave enough to take another route.  With these movies, the audience will be left wondering how the characters managed to cope with their seemingly hopeless situations.

Humans exist in a realm full of emotions. This is the fact which most films ride on to successfully draw a myriad of feelings from the viewers.