About Us

Our website is the global leader when it comes to digital entertainment such as digital films, movies, and television series. We empower the discovery, creation, and distribution of digital entertainment products in order to ensure the enjoyment and convenience of entertainment at your own home or even on the go.

We started in the year 1996 carrying our goal to specialize in selling movies, movie memorabilia, music of all genres, and television shows. We also provide the reviews about the hit and top-grossing films from the past until the most current ones. Reviews and standpoints about the latest television shows are also available in this site. We also give tips about what movies, music, and shows are presently trending and are worthy of being purchased.

In our reviews, we offer in-depth analyses of all the films in our database from a biblical, political, socio-political, and socio-economic point of view. We do not merely highlight issues concerning violence, sex, and profanity. We also dig deeply into the values, moral content, and worldviews of the films, videos, and television shows.

Our initiative to start this website has already led to a substantial increase in the number of socially, biblically, and politically relevant as well as family friendly movie and television reviews over the past years.

Moreover, our passion for entertainment, particularly in digital entertainment, gave us the courage to put up and commence this business, which eventually turned into a successful career. We are proud to say that we are the leaders in providing digital entertainment services and products.

We revolutionize the digital entertainment landscape through our far-reaching platform of entertainment merchandise and services for the digital entertainment manufacturers, service providers, portals, retailers, advertisers, and mobile carriers.

Our customers make use of our offerings, which also include guidance technology, entertainment data, video delivery platforms, content protection, content networking, and video production instruments in order for us to fulfill our goal to bring our clients a unique, exciting, and unforgettable entertainment experiences wherever they are.