Log Cabin Designs For the Outdoors Enthusiast

When it comes to designing different types of log cabins, there are many choices to make regarding the specific design elements of a cabin. One of the most important decisions to make for the design of a log cabin is the type of wood that will be used in the construction of the cabin. For a solid and structurally sound design, it is smart to use a type of wood that is both durable and resistant to the elements over time. A great wood type to consider for a long cabin’s construction is oak. Oak is beneficial for log cabin construction because of its strength, resistance to the elements, and its visual beauty. A log cabin constructed with a high quality wood like oak can be expected to last a long time and hold up even in a bad storm. Another aspect of a log cabin to consider is the roofing. One great idea for log cabin roofing is to use cedar shingles for creating the cabin’s roof surface. Using durable roofing materials will ensure that there are no leaks in the roof which can allow water inside of the cabin.