What You Should Know of Log Cabins

Log cabins are small houses made of logs of wood. The timber used is usually unprocessed. Log cabins were the first generation houses built with a primary advantage of less cost of constructing the building.It is half finished and one and a half storey at the most. The construction of a log cabin involves placing the blocks of wood on top each other, overlapping at ends. To make it stronger, people in the past made notches on both ends of the logs. To keep the cabin weather proof, the gaps were packed with dry grass.

Though the joints are becoming increasingly mechanically complex to make the structure more weather tight, the structure is still the same. Modern building allows nailing the logs together which leads to a weak structure. The most crucial aspect of cabin construction is the selection of the site.

The length of one wall is usually the length of a log, although this is not always the case. The roof, interestingly, is made of a purlin structure.

Log homes have been of various designs, but it was a very robust solution to meet the needs of an average man from his house. Log homes were built initially to provide warmth and a living quarters made from unprocessed timber.It soon became an excellent alternative to conventional houses. And today, even after so many years although many other architectures have sprung up nothing has been able to replace those old log cabins built almost 50 years ago. No matter how tall the skyscrapers we see are, it can’t replace the simplicity of the log cabins. The log cabins even if only one-storied, still stand tall and speak of the times of our forebears.